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Friday, June 5, 2009

Decorating with Bird Cages

We have all kinds of bird cages in our shop right now. I personally love decorating with birdcages in my own home. I love hanging them on the wall as a piece of art. I also like sitting them on a piece of furniture with bird nests, botanical prints, or sometimes a small lamp to make it glimmer. These are ones we currently have available.


parrot cages said...

Where is you shop located? Those cages are gorgeous, too cute. Lol.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Proper Parrot Cage

Birds might have small brains, however they are very intelligent beings that require stimulation most of the waking hours. You will wish to get parrot out of parrot cage many times in a day to play with. But, you cannot play with that every time and it is proven that to have bird toys reduces bird's tendency to the bad habits like nipping or else screeching. If you rotate toys frequently, five to six toys must be fine. You would like to see that your parrot doesn’t get bored.

Now let us get to specific bird toys that you will wish to get and bird toys will not have to be very expensive. Actually, few household goods will make acceptable toys. Birds like saying with the cardboard rolls from the paper towels or else wrapping paper. They like to play with the paper & plastic frayed jugs of milk. Birds play with some baby toys like rattles & wooden balls and all toys should be toxic free.

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