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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Are you spring cleaning? Thankfully I have gotten that out of the way. I cleaned my house, cleaned the store ….and cleaned my garage (AKA the workshop) Thank goodness, and just in time…..

(you guessed it ) I have a great shipment of furniture and goodies that I had to make space for! I’ll be working on getting it all into the store next week.

If you haven’t started your spring d├ęcor here are some ideas…..


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Sisters House Sale

My Sister's House Sale starts tomarrow!! 181 Pine Street Downtown Abilene

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Sister’s House

I spent my day yesterday helping out at My Sister’s House. It’s a semi-annual consignment sale for women being held this weekend! I had so much fun putting my creativity to work on their window displays.  There was so many consignments being taken in all day. Anything from name brand clothing; shoes; jewelry; purses to home decor and furnishings. Consignments are still being accepted today. Shopping will begin Thursday Evening March 25 at 8:00 p.m.

Ladies this is a must attend event!   It’s being held at

181 Pine Street

downtown Abilene

Summer Walter and her sister Kate Stover’s dream and concept is simple: REDUCE by keeping only what you truly enjoy, REUSE what you find to freshen your look, and RESELL the rest.

See you there! 

My sister house 103

My sister house 096

My sister house 101

Friday, March 19, 2010

Garage Sale Cancelled.

I am very sorry to say that our Garage Sale is cancelled until next Saturday, March 27, due to the weather.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Attention All Bargain Hunters!

Our Spring Clean Garage Sale is going to be Saturday,  March 20th

We are going to have lots and lots of stuff! Five of my closest family and friends are joining in.

I will post a list of  big items for sale.  Stay tuned…..


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Road Trips are lots of fun,  especially when you are doing what you love best….for me, that’s antiquing and admiring other peoples shops and creativity.

cottoneyejoe 088

On a trip to Canton early this month I stopped in to visit Laurie Anna’s Vintage Shoppe. I loved it….absolutely loved it.  I would have to say it’s among my top five and that says ALOT.

cottoneyejoe 089

My expectation bar is set pretty high. Her shoppe really out-did my expectations. Boy, did I LOVE it!  Here some snapshots of what I saw.

cottoneyejoe 079

cottoneyejoe 080 

cottoneyejoe 081

cottoneyejoe 082

cottoneyejoe 083

cottoneyejoe 084

cottoneyejoe 085

You must put it on your “to visit” list!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Along Over Here

I am anxiously awaiting spring….  I’m so ready to start planting and flowers to start blooming.  Ready for the temperatures to start getting toasty….ready to wear shorts and flip flops……I want spring to get here already! You think staging the store for spring will help? Well I’m giving it a try…hopefully it will speed it up!

spring2010 005

 spring2010 004






cottoneyejoe 093cottoneyejoe 092


French Wardrobe $689.00

spring2010 003








French Bed $489.00

spring2010 001

cottoneyejoe 100








cottoneyejoe 095





Harvest Table $689.00    

cottoneyejoe 096

cottoneyejoe 097

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This is not your Grandmother’s B&B!

I had the pleasure to tour my friend, Terry Browder’s newest project…and boy was it a treat!  As soon as I stepped into his newest guesthouse I knew I was in love.  

cottoneyejoe 002

Starting with the painted floors ……the whitewashed walls…..the antique lantern hanging above….need I say more??

 cottoneyejoe 009cottoneyejoe 001

It’s named “Cotton Eye Joe”

cottoneyejoe 007  cottoneyejoe 011

No detail was spared~

cottoneyejoe 008 cottoneyejoe 035

 cottoneyejoe 027

Dining Area was one of my favorites…..I love the settee and chairs (which came from my store )  Terry added his special touch by recovering these beauties in an old vintage quilt. (What an great idea)

cottoneyejoe 014 cottoneyejoe 013

cottoneyejoe 012 cottoneyejoe 024

cottoneyejoe 015 

Love, Love the kitchen! Who wouldn’t want to cook with a Kitchen like this?

cottoneyejoe 016 cottoneyejoe 020

cottoneyejoe 018 cottoneyejoe 019  

Master Bedroom

cottoneyejoe 039 cottoneyejoe 044

cottoneyejoe 046 cottoneyejoe 043

cottoneyejoe 047

Vintage metal tiles on the walls….

cottoneyejoe 034

More space for guests

cottoneyejoe 031   cottoneyejoe 030

cottoneyejoe 004 cottoneyejoe 030

If you have family or friends  coming to the Abilene area keep the Sayles Ranch Guesthouses in mind, staying at any one of these homes is a vacation.