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Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Creative Friends

I am very fortunate to be surrounding by very talented people. Next door to my store is a Antique Mall called Classic Collections. It is a hub for creative and talented people such as my two friends Brandy from and Roxanne Spradlin a wonderful artist. Some of her work can be viewed on my website titled Roxanne the artist.
If you live in the area please stop by. Photos cannot due justice.

Friday, September 28, 2007


Please visit some of my photos on Flickr.


Our shop opened in the fall of 2006. It was a dream finally realized. The beginning of a new chapter in my life. An exciting venture that I could hardly wait to embark on. Our storefront had to make a statement from the monochromatic scene around us. I decided on a robin egg blue for the outside with chocolate brown signage. A local artist painted the topiary and sign. This is the space that I can let my creativity run loose. And so it began.

New to the world of blogging


My name is Dalia Stokes. I have recently opened an antique shop. Browsing through the internet I ran across several shops that have blogs. I must say I have become addicted to reading about them and their lives. This prompted me to begin my own blog. So here I am writing about myself and my life.