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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Which one is your favorite?

Lets play a game…

I want to see which  bedroom you can en-vision  yourself in.

Here is the list (you can also answer on Stokes Chic Antiques  facebook)

Bedroom 11

Bedroom 10

Bedroom 9

Bedroom 8

Bedroom 7

Bedroom 6

Bedroom 5

Bedroom 4


Bedroom 3


Bedroom 2

Bedroom 1


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I'd have to pick either #4 or #1 since they are both my friends rooms.

Stokes Chic Antiques said...

I love those! Thanks Teresa

time-worn interiors said...

I would say #5! Cause it's my bedroom!

Stokes Chic Antiques said...

I love your BEDROOM! I am so honored to have you comment on my blog. You are so creative. Love it.

s said...

I think it's bedroom 3 for me. It looks cool and COOL is what it is all about right now. I would love to get down to Abilene and visit your store. It looks like a very big space. So much fun. I am followiing you and will list you on my blog. Visit me at Shabby Friends.