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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Road Trips are lots of fun,  especially when you are doing what you love best….for me, that’s antiquing and admiring other peoples shops and creativity.

cottoneyejoe 088

On a trip to Canton early this month I stopped in to visit Laurie Anna’s Vintage Shoppe. I loved it….absolutely loved it.  I would have to say it’s among my top five and that says ALOT.

cottoneyejoe 089

My expectation bar is set pretty high. Her shoppe really out-did my expectations. Boy, did I LOVE it!  Here some snapshots of what I saw.

cottoneyejoe 079

cottoneyejoe 080 

cottoneyejoe 081

cottoneyejoe 082

cottoneyejoe 083

cottoneyejoe 084

cottoneyejoe 085

You must put it on your “to visit” list!


molly said...

It is Already on my list - definitely one of my favs but yours is also in my top 5!!! I am so glad you got to see her store and my favorite place on earth - Canton!!1

Barbara said...

Dalia, I don't live near Abilene, bit if I ever get out your way, I will certainly drop in. In the mean time, I will add your blog and yur store to my list of Texas bloggers, please come and chech it out.

Stokes Chic Antiques said...

Thank you Molly, it makes me feel good that you have my store that high on your list :)