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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Eye Candy

I thought I would share with you ladies some of the new items that are coming in both from market and our refurbished furniture finds.

One of the neatest items is this really neat moss! It feels real and adds great greenery to any

We have all kinds of cool crown items. The sweet little green birds are going fast @ 6.89 each and I've already had to re-order!

This beautiful french secretary is lovely, very detailed carvings.

I love the chocolate and cream pattern on this chair.

What do you ladies think about the grey color on this marble top washstand?

Anyone need storage? This 4 door wardrobe will do the trick.
Do you need a quaint table and seating? The bar stools are a steal at $198.00 for the pair.


mary said...

Beautiful, Dalia!!! I will try to come in soon.

bunnytrails said...

Pam Mitchell did some painting and rearranging in my bedroom while we were on vacation and she says I need some of the little green moss to tuck in a few places. She did a FAB job. See ya Tuesday! By the way, your shop looks GREAT, as usaul. You are one talented woman!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

YOU - are on our "list of places to shop" to convince our hubbys that we need to vacation in TX! Beautiful displays & blog (thanks for the mention as well!)
Karla & Karrie