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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Some people walk into my store and say, "You must have your house decorated like this." or "I would love to see your home." I feel honored to show you my holiday decorating and a small glimpse of my home.

I usually put up 3 trees. One in the formal living room. It is a tall slender tree composed of bright reds, greens, with tones of muted golds and silver. I inserted some crystal like branches for a bit of drama.

Next is the tree in our dining room. This is where the family gathers. Children love the bright colors on this tree. I would say it is our rainbow tree. We have a very fun snowman that lights up next to it.

The last and final tree is in our kitchen. I feel it is the heart of the home. This tree has fruits, and bronze color poinsettias along with some vintage German ornaments.

I hope this photos have inspired you as much as your photos inspire me.

Have a Blessed Holiday Season!


euroantiquer said...

J'aime beacoup the large white cupboard and the idea of putting a tree dan la cuisine!
Thanks for sharing!